Matt Gardner


Matt Gardner


Matt has been playing guitar and bass for over twenty years. Although his musical journey has included playing and performing worship, jazz and blues, Matt specializes particularly in rock and metal instruction. Through his adaptable and comprehensive approach, Matt is well equipped to teach beginner and intermediate students. He believes that the most important part of learning and instrument is having fun and helps his students find a balance between learning the fundamentals and continuing to develop a passion for music.

  • Matt has been playing guitar, bass and drums for over twenty years and has received 8+ years in musical training for these instruments
  • Has performed locally in a variety of music groups ranging from metal bands to praise bands and in the pit for community theater productions
  • Experience with home recording and utilization of DAWs
  • B.S. from Millersville University
  • Currently employed as a Health and Safety Professional for a major online retailer

“Having a teacher to guide you through your musical journey is invaluable. No matter where you’re currently at in your personal journey, a teacher can help motivate and give you the tools you need to succeed.”

Matt Gardner

Hours of Lessons

Fri: 3:00 – 6:00pm

Cost of Private Lessons

$32 / half-hour private lesson or
$64 / hour private lesson

Cost of Dual Lessons
(two students simultaneously)

$50 / half-hour private lesson or
$100 / hour private lesson

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