The Instructors

Ryan Chilcote

Director & Instructor

Tyler Jazz


A versatile musician with a broad range of talents, Tyler is able to offer instruction based on each student’s skill levels and goals. He teaches a wide variety of students from beginner to intermediate levels on all types of guitars (Classical, Acoustic, Electric and Bass) embracing all styles of music, offering unique lesson plans individualized to each student. Tyler always meets the students at their level whether the student reads tablature, sheet music, lead sheets or simply learns by ear. Tyler has taught all age groups from 5 years of age to 72 years of age, and finds great value in making sure that all of his students are prepared for a lifelong journey in making music.

Bridget Gindhart


Bridget has been playing guitar for over 10 years and has experience playing and performing in many genres including rock, pop, alternative, classical, jazz, celtic, and worship. With her versatile background she is able to cater each lesson specific to the student’s goals and help them along their individual music journey. Bridget believes that learning the student’s goals and musical interests and using that to build a lesson plan special to each individual student will help the student progress while fostering creativity and excitement in the lessons. Whether the student’s goal is to be a professional guitarist or to learn for enjoyment at home, Bridget will help each student reach those goals and guide them along their journey.

John Scarpato


John’s background includes studying standard guitar and music theory under his father, Johnny “Hagen” Scarpato, a well-known South Philadelphia big band/jazz guitarist. He has focused on working with singer songwriters in songwriting & arrangement, pre-production & studio production. John’s ability to share the basics of guitar with others makes him an excellent choice for beginning and intermediate students. The beginning guitar student is introduced to the basics of standard guitar playing & music theory. As the student advances, they are able to apply the basics learned and their developing skills in a direction or style of guitar playing they choose. John encourages his students to have fun in attaining their musical goals. He is also available for group instruction.

Julie Moffitt


Julie began teaching soon after leaving music college. She enjoys teaching students of all ages and levels. Her specialty areas are folk and folk-rock, as well as beginning classical guitar. Lessons address the individual students’ goals, whether it is playing for pleasure or with a career in mind. Julie focuses on a strong grounding in technique: rhythm, notational skills, and interpretation. With this foundation, the student is well-equipped for a variety of genres. With more tools and skills, students are freer to express themselves musically. Julie also enjoys helping each student find their own special relationship to music. Lessons are geared toward drawing out the musical ability unique to each.

Matt Gardner


Matt has been playing guitar and bass for over twenty years. Although his musical journey has included playing and performing worship, jazz and blues, Matt specializes particularly in rock and metal instruction. Through his adaptable and comprehensive approach, Matt is well equipped to teach beginner and intermediate students. He believes that the most important part of learning and instrument is having fun and helps his students find a balance between learning the fundamentals and continuing to develop a passion for music.

Andrew Shenk

Summer Instructor

Andrew is a music major at Geneva College who has been playing guitar for nearly six years. Throughout these years, he has developed proficiencies in acoustic guitar, electric guitar, classical guitar, and bass. He has played in a variety of bands that encompass various genres such as worship, jazz, rock, pop, symphonic, and blues.

While he is generally busy during the semester, he is able to teach during the summer. Andrew has experience teaching beginning students and is capable of providing beginners with what they need to progress to the next level. When learning any instrument, he believes it is vital to set achievable, personalized goals that incite both joy and growth in one’s musical journey.

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